Green Culture Join the way to make the world a better place

The company practices the concept of sustainable development, continuously
promotes the use of clean energy in the production process, and realizes low-carbon
production through energy conservation and emission reduction.

Energy Saving

Use energy-saving equipment to reduce
energy consumption by 25%

Energy saving lamps, energy saving frequency
conversion equipment, power management system.

Clean Energy

Clean energy accounted for more than 30%
Solar energy, clean gas, heat energy

Water Reuse

The proportion of recycled
water reaches 60%

Recycled Material

Use more than 30% recyclable materials

Waste plastic bottles can be recycled into
polyester. Discarded fishing nets can be
recycled into nylon.

Degradable Material

se degradable materials for about 10%

Unlike other fibers which take decades to be decomposed, degradable material takes around five years to be eliminated from the planet.

Bio-based Fibre

The proportion of bio-based materials is about 6%

Raw materials from plants that can be repeated
every year, can reduce a certain proportion of
greenhouse gas emissions.